23.APRiL 2018

18:00 MEDIUM Gallery

Susanne Bosch (DE)

Susanne Bosch is an artist and independent researcher. She received a PhD “Learning for Civil Society Through Participatory Public Art” from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 2012. From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public MA at the University of Ulster in Belfast, together with artist Dan Shipsides. As an “interface activist”, Susanne practices internationally in public art projects asking questions about long-term issues, and building creative arguments around the ideas of democracy and sustainable futures. Her art often involves the issues of money, migration and societal visions and participation models. Susanne develops site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, videos, drawings, and audio as well as dialogical formats. In her artistic research, and as facilitator, she uses formats such as writing, seminars and workshops.
Susanne has been working internationally in Austria, Italy, Ireland, the UK, Greece, Palestine, Spain, USA, Mexico, Malaysia as well as in Turkey and is currently the independent artistic research fellow in the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP), a European partner network of six countries (2014-2018). She is trained in open Space and Art of Hosting facilitation (2008,2014), as well as conflict transformation (2004) 

20.APRiL 2018

10:00 MEDIUM Gallery

Alexandra Pirici (RO)

Special edition

Alexandra Pirici is based on her professional choreographer's background, not letting it restrict this discipline. It works with different forms of media from performance through visual art to music. The New Museum in New York has just opened its extensive independent exhibition (2018). Her work was part of the Decade Skulptur Projekt Münster 2017, exhibited at the 55th Venice Biennale of Art in the Romanian Pavilion, London Tate Modern Gallery, Tate Liverpool, 9th Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 10, Paris Pompidou Center , the New Museum in New York, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, the 12th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, the Van Abbemuseum, Berlin's Hebbel am Ufer, as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and many others. In 2015, the National Dance Center in Bucharest awarded the Excellency Award.

17.april 2018

11:00 MEDIUM Gallery

Sheri Wills (US)

Special edition

Sheri Wills is an artist whose work is based in film, video performance, and installation. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including one-person shows at the Director’s Lounge in Berlin, the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema in NYC, and The International Experimental Cinema Exposition. Her films have been screened at venues including the London Film Festival, the International Film Festival in Rotterdam, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her collaborations include live video projects with music composed by Jan Jirásek, Charles Norman Mason, Bright Sheng, and Ofer Ben-Amots and video performances with music ensembles, including the NYC choral group, Khorikos, the Providence String Quartet, Luna Nova New Music Ensemble, and Ensemble QAT in Montreal, at venues including Roulette in Brooklyn, the Firehouse Space in Bushwick, and the Czech Center in NYC. She is a Professor in the department of Film/Animation/Video at the Rhode Island School of Design. She lives in New York City.

19.march 2018

18:00 Berlínka-SNG

Rokko Juhász & Nanxi Liu

Nanxi and Rokko starts their collaboration since 2015. They have performed together in India, China, Philippines, Slovakia, Hungary and also co-facilitated performance art workshops focusing on performance in public space.  Their performance were based on confrontation between private experiences and social issues, and researching on political body in social context. Recently they are working on Transart Communication 30 anniversary project in Central/East Europe (Rokko) and a whole year project in Hong Kong 2018: Drifting Borders — An Art Project about Nation, Identity and the Individual (Nanxi). To learn and unlearn from the past and the present, they rethink their role of art-practitioner in daily life struggles and social situations.
Rokko Juhász (1963), Visual artists, Organizer. Director of Kassák Centre for Intermedia Creativity and curator of Transart Communication festival. He involved in visual art performance scene since 1986. His main activities are public space performances, performance interventions and performance projects. From 2009 he runs performance art workshops and university courses worldwide. Juhász lives and works in Budapest.
Nanxi Liu (1989) performance researcher, artist and organizer, based in China and Hong Kong. Liu was a project officer of Centre for Community Cultural Development (2013 - 2015) in Hong Kong, during which she has been coordinating performance art festivals, workshops and events in Hong Kong and China. She also works as a researcher and writer on performance and socially engaged art in Hong Kong.